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Therapy for Moms Whose Partners Drink 

My Partner Drinks Too Much.
What Should I Do?

You met for a drink on your first date. You spent Saturday nights with take-out and a bottle of wine. You celebrated every birthday, promotion, housewarming, wedding, and so on, with (a lot of) bubbly. Drinking is just something the two of you did. It was part of your lifestyle.

Over time, your priorities have changed. 

You’ve started a family. You don’t go out as much because you’re more focused on your job, your family, your hobbies, your health.

You don’t drink as much as you used to, but your partner is still drinking. A lot.

Therapy for Moms Whose Partners Drink

You’re worried. Frustrated. Annoyed. Their alcohol use is having a negative impact on your life. You’re doing more than your share of the work to keep your family going, and that feels unfair. Your partner’s drinking may have led to legal issues, financial issues or conflicts with family and friends.

You love your partner, and

you want things to change. 

You want to count on your partner to carry half the load, and you want them to be more present. You want to feel less resentful and more connected. You don’t want their alcohol use to impact your family, your children or your relationship anymore. 

Your feelings, wants and needs are important. You deserve to be heard, understood and validated. I support moms in taking care of themselves and their needs as the first step toward positive change in their lives and in their families. 

You’ve been doing this alone for too long.

Let’s work together to get you more of what you need. 

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