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Therapy for Burned Out Moms

Is This All There Is?

You put your head down and powered through the infant, toddler, and preschool stages. You are the emotional center of your family; you are the core, the go-to, the sun. Years of your time and energy have been spent taking care of everyone else. 

Your kids are older now. Everyone says things are supposed to get easier. This is definitely not your experience. 

Perhaps your children really don’t like each other, and daily interactions often give way to chaos. Your son might struggle in school, or your daughter has ongoing medical needs.  You're expected to excel at work, at home and as a parent but you always feel like you're failing. You know things need to change but you don't even know where to start.

therapy for moms with older kids

You’re exhausted.


You feel confused, frustrated and sad. 

After years of unrelenting focus on your family, you don't recognize yourself. You feel trapped managing your family's never-ending needs.  


It feels like there is no time or space just for you. 

You need relief. 

You want to feel happier, less anxious, less overwhelmed. You want to be seen, acknowledged and appreciated for the time and energy you put into managing the lives of everyone around you. You want to stop working so hard. You want to learn to prioritize yourself just as much as you prioritize your family. 

You want more connection, more balance,

more joy.

With warmth, curiosity and compassion, we’ll explore ways you can get more of what you want and need in your life. 

You are more than a mother.

You deserve more connection, more joy, more pleasure in your life. In our individual sessions, you will get the attention you deserve so that your journey can begin.

Let’s get started!

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